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To be a foremost, principal and the most esteemed mineral and agro trading company globally.

We plan to achieve this by –

  •   Showing admiration and consideration to all

  •   Focusing on performance

  •   Nurturing effective teamwork and management

  •   By showing social and ecological responsibility


To spread knowledge about minerals, especially with regards to the context of its viable development under three principal areas includingcommercial, social and ecological areas.

To show strong commitment in executing, carrying out and upholding moral business practices and procedures with honesty and persuasion to be an upright corporate citizen. To stay in accordance with the existing ecological laws, practices and procedures in countries and areas where our business is conducted.

To faithfully serve our customers through innovative, effective and unique trading solutions and related services provided with transparency, accuracy, speed, consistency, proficiency and safety.

To create high value for all stakeholders by rendering an exceptional combination of talent, intelligence, expertise and technology.With a strong dedication to develop its mineral resources via rigorous exploration practices, Independent Mineral Resources Pvt. Ltd. aims torecognize, produce and develop a practicable project, thus maximizing shareholder value for all investors.

Besides fully believing in capital creation for our investors, we also look forward to improving the potentialcapital of people, thanks to strong foundational principles of implementing, following and nurturing responsibility and integrity.

Core Values

To nurture, promote and maintain long lasting relationships and partnerships with people residing in the surrounding communities, especially in areas where we conduct corporate operations. Respecting and honoring the local customs of all people living in the respective communities of each region in the country is of paramount importance to us.

To ensure punctual delivery and to meet the expectations of customersby constantly refiningcurrentprocedures and practices.To showflexibility and quick response to the ever changing needs of customers by communicating required information and response in a judicious manner.

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