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Independent Mineral Resources Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneering and well-established companies in India that provide industrial, agricultural and mineral products and services to the world. Ever since it came into existence in 2011, the company has been striving to become one of the premium mineral and agricultural providers in India. With a primary goal to enhance customer value constantly, the company has faithfully served customers worldwide and is regarded as the most preferred sources of mineral and agricultural products and services.

Independent Mineral Resources Pvt. Ltd. acts as an ideal catalyst in meeting the seamless demand of customers in terms of offering a global team of professionals skilled in a well-organized, research-based method of identifying and implementing lucrative trade opportunities while handling potential risk at the same time.

With a solid operational presence in research and development, import, export and distribution,Independent Mineral Resources Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging global leader and a highly reliable supplier that has an extensive portfolio of products. The company has been making incredible contribution towards Indian trading with primary focus on trading varied product lines, most importantly iron ore, mill scale, granite and agricultural products such as rice, cotton, maize, etc., to various parts of the world.

We also make sure that utmost care is taken while exporting in terms of quality, thanks to our well-furnished facilities comprising of diverse machines, thus giving an added benefit on quality maintenance and cost. We believe in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships between various countries and hence aim at exploring various commercial opportunities across countries in order to promote trade.

When it comes to identifying new markets, Independent Mineral Resources Pvt. Ltd. always remains at the forefront in terms of exploring new opportunities and paving way for the expansion of their products. With a strong emphasis on quality, excellence, consistency and competitiveness, we always strive to live up to our original goal, which is to be instrumental in responding to the worldwide demand for products and services, a need created by urbanization.

We strongly trust in the significance of building long term relationships with customers, no matter which country they might belong to because this will ultimately benefit our community and our planet. This passion drives us forward in supplying the best products available to our customers, thanks to our expertise in trading techniques, shipping, banking, insurance and supervision.


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